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bubble gum
Experiment with different brands.  Extra-soft bubble gums work best for some professional bubblers. Other pros prefer a stiffer chew. (Lee Wardlaw favors Bazooka bubble gum and a sip or two of ice water!)  Your mom or your dentist does not want to hear this:  Sugarless bubble gum creates smaller bubbles than sugared brands such as Bazooka, Dubble Bubble or Bubblicious.

bubble gum
Chew three pieces of bubble gum at once.  The pros sometimes add a teaspoon of peanut butter!

bubble gum
Chew the bubble gum for a minimum of five minutes to dissolve most of the sugar. (For best results, chew for 15 minutes.)  Lee Wardlaw recommends spitting the sugary juice into a cup or the sink, instead of swallowing it.

bubble gum
Using your tongue, roll the gum into a ball.  Flatten this ball against the roof of your mouth or between your tongue and the back of your upper front teeth. Open your mouth to make the letter ‘O’ and breathe out s-l-o-w-l-y until a bubble forms. (Pursing your lips will make it harder to form a bubble – and may pop it.) 

bubble gum
To grow the bubble bigger, take another breath through your nose, then blow again with slow, even breaths. This will allow the fragile surface tension of the bubble to expand.

bubble gum

For best results, blow the air from deep within your lungs, not just from your lips.

bubble gum

Practice, practice, practice!

bubble gum
Chad Fell, the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the blowing the most bodacious bubble without assistance (he doesn’t use his hands to help stretch or steady the gum), recommends blowing bubbles at room temperature.  “The warmer the temperature, the bigger the bubble,” he said on the Rachel Ray show, which aired October 17th, 2006.  Fell’s world record bubble spanned 22” diameter.

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